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音楽大好きの ぶろっこり が、気ままに気になる気分のミュージックをお送りする ?今週の洋楽? 。

今回は、「Better Times Will Come」ジャニス・イアン Janis Ianをピックアップ。


私の好きなミュージシャン、ジャニス・イアン Janis Ian が世界を襲った新型コロナへの想いを歌にした作品です。


Janis Ian のホーム・ページ

The “Better Times Project”. On March 9, the day after John Prine died, I was doing laundry when a chorus began running around in my head. Two hours later, I sang the new song into my phone (dog barking in the background), and put it on line. My colleagues and I had just lost all our 2020 shows. Knowing the financial hardship it meant, I asked a few to make “home-grown” versions and let me put them on line, with leads to their social media. First was John Gorka; it worked so well that I asked a few more. Then a quarantined parent emailed that coloring books were sold out, so Sue Coccia, Sandra Boynton and I began “coloring pages”. Donna Russo, a dancer friend in a wheelchair, sent a video; Frank Turner and Mary Black signed on, and now there are versions from punk to ASL to Japanese. It’s an illustration of the many ways one song can be done, and a reminder that you don’t have to be a professional to make art. Every version here was done from “lockdown”, with birds, dogs, children in the background. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we enjoy it, give voice to it, and remember that someday, better times will come. Thanks, and stay safe. Janis


Janis Ian – “Better Times Will Come” (Janis Ian)Christine Lavin


私にはもう昔のような創作力はないし、声も我ながらひどいものだけれど、この歌を聞いた人たちが、それぞれに歌ったり、演奏したり、踊ったりしている映像を送ってもらえたらうれしいので、私のささやかな歌、“Better Time Will Come”という歌を送ります。


Better Times Will Come Janis Ian Lyrics

ジャニス・イアンのホームページ や Youtube に、賛同したアーティストが動画をアップしています。


Noel Stookey & Friends – “Better Times Will Come” (Janis Ian)


John Gorka – Better Times Will Come (by Janis Ian)


Mary Black – “Better Times Will Come” (Janis Ian)


Better Times Project として、日本でも趣旨に賛同したアーティストがカヴァーしてくれています。

Better Times Will Come / Performed by Amika


Eri Takenaka – “Better Times Will Come” (Janis Ian)






この記事をSNSで シェア! いいね!